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Introducing an entirely new legal spend management platform 
to help law departments optimize outside counsel performance.

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How it works

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Send us your law firm invoices
We make it easy for you to send us your invoice data. Simply export your invoices from an e-billing system (into Excel) or send us your PDF or paper invoices.
We enrich and pool your data
Sky Analytics enriches your invoice data through third-party market data and exclusive research methodologies. Your data is then anonymized and pooled into our industry database for benchmarking purposes.
Enjoy on demand analytics
Within a few short weeks, you enjoy deep visibility into your legal spend, instantly identified cost savings opportunities and cutting edge analytical tools.

See your legal spend like never before

It's been said that "what is measured improves." Indeed, visibility into your legal spend is the absolute foundation for any cost control program. From our flexible legal department dashboard to intuitive reporting tools, Sky Analytics will present unique views into your data that will reveal new savings opportunities and help increase value received from outside counsel.

Negotiate rates with confidence

Sky Analytics' rate comps arm your legal department with the most sophisticated rate benchmarking intelligence on the market. By comparing thousands of billed rates against key market dynamics, such as practice area expertise, Sky Analytics offers legal departments valuable insight into fair market rates based on actual billing data - not just surveyed rates.

Compare firms and attorneys

Most legal departments manage outside counsel based solely on qualitative factors, such as industry expertise and past relationships. While these factors should play an important role in managing outside counsel, quantitative data can complement these qualitative factors and play a trusted advisory role in ensuring proper rates, staffing and billing practices.

Automatically find savings

Go beyond simply blocking prohibited task codes and see the larger picture. Sky Analytics reporting tools instantly identify cost savings opportunities that span multiple invoices and leverage best practice legal spend management techniques. Best of all, our unique research and third party data combine with your invoice data to uncover insights hidden in plain sight.

Forecast matter costs more accurately

If budgeting for upcoming matters or pricing fixed fee or value-based billing arrangements is a real challenge, then Sky Analytics is your solution. Our user-friendly interface allows you to instantly draw upon your past matters or access Sky Analytics deep matter database to accurately gauge pricing metrics. 

Find the right firm for the job

Sky Analytics takes legal procurement to the next level. Our simple yet powerful law firm selection tool draws upon billings from thousands of law firms and third-party research to allow you to find a firm with the right fit. By selecting key criteria such as firm expertise, geographic footprint and even attorney diversity, Sky makes legal procurement a snap.

Professional grade data security

Sky Analytics has architected a platform that takes into consideration the sensitive nature of corporate legal invoices, so our clients can have confidence that their confidential data will remain confidential. In fact, our systems have passed the most sophisticated penetration tests and have been approved by some of the world largest financial corporations and governmental bodies.

Starting at only $1,200 per month

Our pricing is simple. You pay a monthly fee based on the volume of your annual legal spend. 
 We have monthly plans that fit companies with anywhere from $1 million to $1 billion+ in annual legal spend.  Historical data analyses and paper/PDF invoice conversions are are billed separately.

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